The Integrated Experience

Although we don’t move as quickly as a fire, at Integrated Egress, we are fast and accurate. We aim to complete an installation in one day with quality and precision. Because of our high workmanship standard and top quality equipment, you’ll be pleased you chose Integrated Egress for your safety and peace of mind.

Each Integrated Egress Window Install Includes:*

  • Excavation
  • Diamond sawing with square corners
  • Concrete cut out and removed from site.
  • Quality double hung vinyl window
  • Framed with pressure treated sub frame and header
  • Precast simulated granite egress well
  • Built in steps
  • Back-filled with pea gravel
  • Surface drain connected to your existing perimeter drain
  • One day installations
  • Quality work since 1976

*If you prefer a specific window size, a different well or a special grade, we are happy to customize your proposal.


We cut all of our openings with a track mounted saw providing an extremely accurate opening. Most competitors cut inside and outside using a gas powered or handheld saw with an inaccurate cut.  Gas powered saws leave behind a lingering fume in your home while releasing carbon monoxide gas. All of our cutting is performed with hydraulic or electric equipment from the exterior using a wet blade producing virtually no dust inside. The speed and accuracy of our specialized equipment is how we can finish the job in one day.
Fire escape windows – South Bend, IN


With our process we do not over-cut corners. Notice the corners are square. The vertical and the horizontal cuts do not extend past each other. This process does not jeopardize the integrity of the foundation, and does not lead to leaks or cracks.
Egress window installation – Elkhart, IN


We completely backfill the entire well with gravel and attach a drain to your basement’s existing perimeter drain.  This ensures proper drainage and prevents the well from collapsing. The gravel also keeps the soil from settling. This process is often skipped by our competitors but is required to meet the egress well installation specifications.
Fire escape windows – South Bend, IN


Have a block basement? No problem. The process is virtually the same with a few minor changes on our end, and the same quality end result.

Questions to ask your Egress Window Installer

How long does it take to complete an Egress window installation?
Most egress windows can be installed in one day for an unfinished basement including all excavation and cleanup.
How long does it take to put in 2 Egress windows?
Normally 1 day
Are you going to run a saw on the inside or outside of my home?
All saw cutting will be done from the outside, with a track mounted hydraulic saw and a wet blade to control dust and ensure accuracy.
Are you going to square cut the corners to avoid overcutting?
Yes, there are no overcuts for potential leaks or cracking, resulting in a much cleaner installation.
What do you use for backfill? Do you backfill the entire excavation around the well?
We backfill the entire excavation with pea gravel from top to bottom, per the manufacturer’s specifications.
Are you capable of removing the extra dirt from the site?
Yes. In most cases it can be loaded directly into our dump truck during excavation.
Do you install a drain pipe to my existing perimeter drain?
We will connect to your existing perimeter drain and bring a riser, with a grate, 6” below the window for proper drainage.
Do you remove all concrete cut out and waste from the jobsite?
Yes, all concrete and waste will be hauled out from the site upon the completion of the job.
What will you do to protect my carpet and interior?
We place a carpet protector to, from, and at the work space. The saw cutting produces a wet slurry that is collected with a wet vac.
Do you use a pressure treated sub frame set with polyurethane sealant?
Yes. After the opening is cut we clean the surface to ensure a good seal between the treated sub frame and concrete.
How many egress widows do you install a year?

Integrated Egress installs 20-40 per year.

Can you provide proof of insurance?
Absolutely. Integrated Egress is a brand of Mike Czajkowski Builders who has been in business since 1976 and is fully insured.

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